Isle of Raasay

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Isle of Raasay Single Malt,

Lightly Peated

46,4% ABV, Scotland

Lightly peated Single Malt, non-chilled filtered

Matured in American Rye Oak, Chinkapin Oak and finished in Bordeaux Red Wine Oak.

New Batch (R-02.1) is out!

Isle of Raasay Distillery Special Release, Rye and Sherry Double Oak

52% ABV, Scotland

Maturation Cask Type: Ex Rye Woodford Reserve US Kentucky American Oak ASB 190 Capacity: 190 Litres Oak Variety: Quercus Alba American Oak.

Finishing Cask Type: Ex Pedro Ximénez & Ex Oloroso Spain Jerez Sherry Quarter Cask 125 Capacity: 125 Litres

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