Aroa Winery

A pioneer winery in the recovery of organic and biodynamic agriculture practices in the Navarra DO, which also has the certificate of sustainable management. Because the first step to making a good wine is being honest with the landscape of its birth.

Starting out with ancestral methods and biodynamic practices, Aroa Bodegas elaborates organic and natural wines that are faithful to the privileged area where it is located, the Navarra Yerri Valley, sheltered by the Urbasa and Andía mountain ranges.

Le Naturel Tinto 2021, 750ml, 14%


Grenache and others

Short maceration, only 5 days with the minimum possible intervention. The malolactic fermentation takes place in a 12,000 litre vats. The wine was bottled on January the 12nd.

Fresh and fruity attack that comes from the high-altitude vineyards. It has a fresh and lovely tartness, pleasantly balanced acidity and delightful aftertaste.

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