We have chosen to work with hand crafted, natural Rums from Renegade. Sugar cane coding providing full transparance. No artificial colouring, no added sugar, full transparancy, all Single Farm Origins!


We present to you: Renegade Rum

Renegade Pre-Cask Rum, Pearls, 
Grenada, 50%, Harvest '21, Pot still
On the coastal plain, a stone's throw south of the distillery, there is an intriguing Terroir between Mangrove & Water Meadow, with a distinctive bank of iron-rich volcanic laterite at its centre. Cane grows vigorously on this water-retentive soil derived from woburn & perseverance clays. For this rum we harvested the elegant variety we call Yellow Lady from the "Grapefruit" field, which stands on the Terroir known as Flats.
Renegade Pre-Cask Rum, Old Bacolet
Grenada, 50%, Harvest '20, Pot still
On the southern coast, protected from the full force of the Atlantic Trade winds, Old Bacolet was one of the first areas to be cultivated by the French. A flat flood plain between two small rivers, these alluvial soils - plains clay loam & woburn clay - & a high water table produce lush cane. For this rum we have harvested the quick-growing variety we call  Josh's Field, which stands on the Terroir known as Riverside.
Renegade Pre-Cask Rum, Dunfermline Grenada, 50%, Column Still
Renegade pre-cask Rum, Dunfermline Grenada, 50%, Pot Still
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