the demonwhisky from japan

onikishi japanese blended whisky

From Hyogo, close to Japan's Geographic middle Point, is where this whisky origin.    Onikishi drives from the Japanse words "Oni" meaning Demon and "Kishi" meaning Knight.
Onikishi is the Demon Knight bound to its whisky , imbuing it with its strength, vigor, mystical charm  and heritage. Onikishi pairs with the country's deep traditions with its latest trends, truly capturing the essence of Japan.

onikishi demon knight

Onikishi blended Japanese Malt Whisky is produced in Takacho Town, Taka-gun, Hyogo Prefecture. Japanese water is known for its softness, making it the perfect water to produce smooth and delicate whisky.

The nose is woody, from white oak nuanced by hints of honey and myrtle floral scent touched by citrus. The palate has an immediate rush of honey and vanilla, then gives way to a more robust caramel that coats the mouth and makes way through the mid palate to a warmer cedar smoke. A refreshing kick of yuzu zest contrasts the opening sweetness to end.

Produced in batches, Onikishi is a flavourful whisky that is best enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a Highball Cocktail.

43% ABV.

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onikishi sakura cherry blossom

Sakura is the Japanese Geisha assasin you do not Wish to meet  - her beauty decieves and being inspired by cherry blossom.

Deadly Sakura is inspired by cherry blossoms, which hold symbolic meaning in Japanese culture

Distilled from water from well and matured for 3 years on White American cherry oak. Onikishi Sakura is a well-balanced whisky with oriental fruity notes. The result is a combination of Scottish whisky traditions with Japanese craft.

43% ABV.

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